We are oncologic surgeons

At J. Torrent Institute, we are specialised in the surgical approach of the oncologic patient. Our objective is to offer the fullest guarantees of a surgical intervention of high technical complexity with the use of the most advanced technologies.

Our added value and distinguishing feature is that we bring knowledge and experience in the surgical treatment of complicated tumours that are disseminated to vital organs of the organism. Our team of surgeons works in collaboration with other specialists – anaesthesiologists, pathologists, radiologists, oncologists – and a nursing team trained in this type of intervention.

Our focus is based on two fundamental principles: improving survival and providing a better quality of life for each patient. Because we know that surgical techniques reach their greatest effectiveness thanks to the combination of treatments adapted to the needs of each person and the environment.

Somos cirujanos oncológicos

J. Torrent Institute: Who we are

We are experts in surgery specialized treatments, using latest tecnology and working with the best multidisciplinary team

The specialists of J. Torrent Institute are a multidisciplinary and international team, specialized in high-complexity surgical procedures and in clinical oncology research. Their common objective is to work for survival and to improve the quality of life of the patients.

Dr. Torrent

Dr. Juan José

François quenet

Dr. François

Dr. Miquel Prats de Puig

Dr. Miquel
Prats de Puig

Dr. Gwénael Ferron

Dr. Gwénael


Dr. Sébastien

We are specialists in cancer of digestive origin,
gynaecologic and breast cancer and peritoneal carcinomatosis