International patient care

Referent center in oncological surgery in Barcelona

Barcelona has become an international leader in quality medicine. Currently, it is one of the European cities that receives the greatest number of patients from the entire world, due to the prestige and recognition of its specialists, the level of clinical excellence and the care quality of its medicine.


Management of documentation

We request a list of the documents that you must provide us for a correct medical assessment. We compile and have custody of your medical record. We keep you informed at all times of the process of your pathology and requesting additional tests if your disease so requires. We help you to complete any documentation you may need. We are at your side at the time of your admission to the hospital to help you in all the procedures.


Management of visas

We assist in the processing of visas, informing of the steps to follow to make up your dossier and providing the address and contact of the nearest embassy. Likewise, we provide the necessary medical certificates to apply for a visa.


Management of appointments

We coordinate your medical appointments with our team and with the doctors that collaborate with us, if necessary. We send reminders of the medical appointments.



We offer a personalized service to our patients from the first contact. We accompany them in their queries, concerns, and anxieties in a diagnosis of impact. We respond to all their questions and those of their families, providing constant support. We arrange the optimal type of visit for their needs: in person, by video conference or telephone.


Management of bookings

We manage all types of services for you in addition to your surgical intervention, such as hotel bookings, collection from the airport or other bookings.


Other additional services

On request, we will take charge of all the aspects that can make your stay more comfortable: press, extra personal hygiene products, and other small errands.

We are specialists in cancer of digestive origin,
gynaecologic and breast cancer and peritoneal carcinomatosis